A Unique Plant That Should Be In Everyone’s Garden

When spring hits we tend to head out into the yard and start pulling up dead plants, weeds and prepare the soil for a new round of plants. For many people, they like to stick with the traditional flowers and plants. for others, they will go a little on the wild side and plant some wide brim hostas.

wide brim hostas

What is a hosta?

For those that have never heard of a hosta, it is a shade loving plant originating from Japan. Its popularity has spread throughout the US with many species and varieties to choose from. They are grown for their large thick heart shaped leaves which last all through the summer growing up to 2ft in some cases. The flowers are white and bloom during the summer.

There are many types of hostas you can plant depending on your taste and their needs. 

1) Freedom – One of the popular hostas, these do not grow very large leaves. The colors range from white to green with a splash of blue color! These flowers bloom in late spring to early summer. These plants need partial shade to full sun.

2) H. Marginata – This is a very common type of hosta with the leaves being blue edged or white depending on the variety. It flowers in mid-summer and grows best in part sunny spots. 

3) The Great Wave – These are often called parenthesis hostas due to their large leaves. These are very different from other types. They bloom in mid-summer and grow best in part to full sun.

4) White Christmas – The leaf is medium sized, and the plant grows 2-3 ft depending on the variety. These plants need at least 4 hrs. of sunlight a day during the summer growing season to keep the leaves from turning yellow. They bloom in summer and has light blue flowers that are easy to grow.

These are some of the varieties to choose from when buying hosta plants. Make sure to look at them and find one that will best fit your mood and your yard.