The Return Of The Record Player

colorful crosley record playersIs the vinyl back for good? More and more record players are being sold online and in music stores, despite the fact that these devices are really old and have been around for ages. Perhaps it’s just the old timers getting back into these things for the nostalgic factor. Or perhaps not. Contrary to record players, the modern turntables nowadays actually serve a very important purpose in creating music. This is exactly why you see many DJs in clubs spinning the records on their turntables and fiddling around with the controls on it. We’re not talking about the vintage type of record players like the Crosley.

When we say turntables, we actually mean the sleek and stylish sort of record players that have a lot more buttons and spindles you can play with. These little knobs and controls actually serve a major purpose i.e to tweak the quality, bass, treble, magnitude and whatnot of the music that it’s playing. A well-tuned record player (or turntable if you like) can potentially produce music that’s on-par with the most optimally enhanced digital output that you’ve heard of. When it comes to these lower end record players, there is more likely than not a chance that the music skips a little when your records are being played on it. Personally, I don’t find that to be a problem because it simply contributes to the vintage factor that is hard to replicate nowadays with perfectly synced and monotonous music we often get with today’s speakers and amplifiers.