Office Olympians

Office Olympians are not categorized in any particular order.
Office Olympian; The Flying Dutchman

Sex: Male
Age: 21
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 6′
Born: United States
Represented Country: United States
The Flying Dutchman grew up in the corporate offices of Company X. Crawling across the office floors and through cubicle mazes of Company X may have clearly affected his mindset and personality towards the office. At the age of 18 The flying dutchman was caught in the copy room with the VP’s secretary, rumor has it he yelled out “Here comes the flying dutchman” so loud the entire office heared, a more realistic view is that he printed out “Here comes the flying dutchman” memos for the entire office and distributed them the next day; Nevertheless he terminated from Company X and has worked his entire life since then from office to office trying to find a company that is a little more acceptable to his office mindset.

The Flying Dutchman has trained for Cubicle Hurdles, Chair Hop Do, Chairidiot Races, Chair Swamp Race, Chair tabletop Race, Trash Can Race, and the Trash Can Jump
Office Olympian; The Rear Admiral

Sex: Male
Age: 22
Weight: 180 lbs
Height: 6′
Born: Import from Russia
Represented Country: United states
Born in the frozen plains of Russian Siberia. As a child of 7 years he venturd out into the woods and constructed office cubicles with just a hammer and sickle. At 14 he volunteered for the Iron curtain repair squad, and was first introduced to cubicle hurdles by his mentor Hot-karl Brunski cubicle hurdle gold medalist and iron curtain designer.

After the fall of the iron curtain the soviet office olympics team disbanded and most of the soviet athletes were killed by the democratic mafia. The Rear Admiral narrowly escaped slaughter by hurdling cubicles into a russian mail order bride office. Stowing away in an international shipment of russian brides he earn the nickname “The Rear Admiral”.
The Rear Admiral has trained for cubicle hurdles, Chair hop do, Chairidiot Races, Chair Swamp Race, Chair tabletop Race,

Assisting cast

Daman has been a great help with office olympics, from music composition to video editing with flair or server assistance this man has earned the title DaMan.