Office Chair Swamp
The Office chair swamp is an event where office olympians comapre the time it takes them to run or jump through a swamp of office chairs. Video

Cubicle hurdles
Cubicle hurdles; Olympians race head to head through a hopefully unoccupied office and over each of the cubicle dividers. Video

Office Chair / Chairiot Race
Olympians race head to head manually powering their chairiots to victory. Video

Chair Hop Do.
With what is known of Chair hop do, the rules are simple, trivially simple. Jump the chairs.
Chair Hop Do video.

Trash can long jump
Olympians are given a small running start before jumping over office rubbish bins. Mats are in place for office olympics safety. Video 1, Video 2.

Office Chair Battles.
Office olympics members battle atop their office chairs in the mirrored office chair battle arena. They attempt to knock each other over by grabbing and crashing into each other. Chair battle video.

Office Chair destruction
An office chair is destroyed in this clip. The office olympics team destroys an office chair; kicking, tackling and throwing it accross the room. Clip 1&2