Movie Downloads

Office Olympics season 1.

Office Chair Destruction 2
A retired office chair from a managment office has its final day recorded as the office olympics team goes to work on detroying it.

Office Chair Destruction 1
The office olympics team found this chair in an un suspecting managers office and had our way with it.

Chairiot Race
Chairiot race or chair-idiot race is an event where olympians race head to head down the hallways upon the chairiots. Winner is who gets to the end first.

Office Chair Swamp
Video #4 of Office Olympics, Chair Swamp. Olympians run through a swamp of chairs that have been collected throughout the office and jammed into a corner.

Trash Can Jumping 1.
Video #1 of the first season of office olympics, two office olympians make long jumps over rounded up office trash cans.

Office Olympian Dance video.
This is a funny video clip compiled of the olympians that decided to dancing outside of the office olympics events.
Extra first season video; First video edited by DaMan. 18+ due to language.

Office Olympics – Dragostea Din Tei
Office olympics’ tribute to the romainian pop song ‘dragostea din tei’. Whatch as we jump over trash cans in the back office in this funny video clip.

Office Olympics – Cubicle Hurdles 1
Office olympics first funny video. Olympians hurdle a series of cubicles, kick rubish bins for distance, have an office chair race through the hallways, and show us some chair hop do.